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The team behind the lens

We are a collective of professional commercial photographers and digital imaging specialists. Our backgrounds and interests vary but we are united by a passion for photography and a commitment to transforming great ideas into impactful reality.

Chuang Lee Jen

Founder & Lead Photographer

Lee Jen is highly regarded in the industry as an accomplished food, fine product, lifestyle, corporate, and interior photographer. A lensman for the past 35 years, he founded J Studio with the aim of defining and giving full play to his creative ideas. He prides himself on staying at the forefront of technology, constantly experimenting with the latest equipment and testing out new techniques. These tools, however, play only a supporting role in his work. As a commercial photographer, Lee Jen chooses instinct over automation. He draws inspiration from light, texture, and his own memories. His thoughts and feelings define the shot, his mind’s eye forms it, and the shutter captures it—producing moments of magic.

Tay Swee Ling


Swee Ling is an avid food, corporate portrait, and interior photographer. Her love story with photography began with a photojournalism class in college. Attracted to the storytelling aspect of photography, she started from the ground up by assisting and learning on the job. Now, more than 10 years later, Swee Ling has earned her wings as a highly sought-after commercial photographer. Even so, she still maintains an eager enthusiasm for exploring and capturing different perspectives. She appreciates every experience as a learning opportunity to further hone her craft.

Andy Liew


Andy is a self-taught commercial photographer who is recognised for his artistic product, interior, lifestyle, and corporate photography. He believes that there is hidden beauty in everything and everybody, and challenges himself to capture the soul and spirit of his subjects. His photography style lends a weighty, film-like quality to his photos, which creates compelling visual stories. Andy started out as an assistant to a top Singapore-based photographer. He poured time, effort, and passion into achieving his dream of becoming a professional photographer himself and did so in two short years. Since then, he has added over a decade’s worth of commercial experience to his résumé.

Lim Hee Peng


Hee Peng is a proficient commercial photographer who enjoys street photography in his spare time. Born in Penang, Malaysia, he crossed the causeway in 1995 in hopes of turning his lifelong fascination with photography into a fulfilling career. After six years of assisting and learning from veteran Japanese and Singaporean photographers, Hee Peng struck out on his own as a commercial photographer. He has been in the industry for over 10 years now and while his experience is wide-ranging, he has made a name for himself in the fields of food, interior, and corporate photography.

Ferry Tan


Ferry is a fashion designer turned photographer with over 10 years of commercial experience. Born in Indonesia, he came to Singapore to pursue a degree in fashion design. While studying at LASELLE College of the Arts, he encountered fashion photography. Curiosity grew into interest, and interest turned into passion. This passion gave him the courage to give up a post-graduation job in fashion design to become a studio assistant for a renowned photography company. He soon discovered that his eye for detail and knack for seeing beauty in imperfection made for great photos. Ferry was selected as one of 10 aspiring photographers in Toggle’s The Big Shot of Singapore reality show. Today, while fashion photography remains his first love, Ferry has broadened his repertoire to include portrait photography.